Friday, February 12, 2016

happy valentine's day

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

This weekend is Valentine’s day, and there are many things that go along with this day.  As a husband it is my day to spread a little extra love to my wife.  As a father it is also my place, with my wife, to love on our kids.  We often show this with gifts or a special meal, but it is really about connecting with people we care about.

Today’s post is really more personal than most.  I am blessed to understand and have had some excellent examples of love in my life.  The love I am talking about is what looks past my shortcomings and brings out the best in me.

I see that love in my wife.  I know that is the way God loves me as well.  I experience this kind of unconditional love when I have the opportunity to serve others.  Often that serving is when we do for others when they cannot do anything in return.  That might be the strongest definition of love that I have learned or experienced.

Yesterday was the four-month anniversary of my mom’s death.  My mom and dad have taught me about real love, and my mom was an incredible person in so many ways.  I miss her greatly.  Time and we move on, and I continue to see the blessings from God.

When Jesus saw his mother standing there beside the disciple he loved, he said to her, “Dear woman, here is your son.”

This is also a great time for our family as our oldest child is in her first year of college and away from our.  Our second child is preparing to graduate from high school and then on to college.  It is almost like we blinked, and before we knew it I am 45 years old.  That is not a problem, but life is flying by.

That is why we must live life and take the opportunities that God gives us.  I am grateful for the love of God and the love of the people that God has put in my life.

Don’t miss the chances you are given.  Let the people around you know that you love them.  Accept the love of God that He has for us.  Unconditional love.  God accepts us.  We can share that same incredible love with others.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Have a great weekend!

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