Monday, April 4, 2016

mind dump after the big race

Before the mind dump I simply confess that God is working on my heart and in my life.  That is what God does best and desires for us.  As my friend Elliot expressed best in our conversation Saturday “it really is all about people and not projects”. 

Treasure what God treasures (I will share more of this later in the week), and God treasures people.  You are what God treasures.  People, all people, matter to God.

For you know that God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors. And it was not paid with mere gold or silver, which lose their value.

Here goes some of the mind dump!

--- Friday evening at the speedway I was called on to pick up several members of a family.  The dad looked familiar.  He lives in our community and is battling cancer.  Our conversation was amazing.  Such a sweet time to pray with him and his family.  Life is precious.

--- Spent some time with an elderly couple.  They were so grateful and gracious.  Her smile was infectious.

--- Whatever the weather, there are amazing things happening all the time.  The amazing things are really about people.

--- I hate to lose sleep, but even some phone calls come for a far greater purpose than either party knows.  Thanks, Laura!

--- Sharing a verse may be the very thing that God uses to speak in to the life of a friend.

--- Stopping to pray at the moment you are asked to pray means we take a minute or two out of our day and let people know 2 things.  God is important, and they are important.

--- Working with great people brings lots of advantages.

--- It takes very little to be a jerk.  It takes more energy to be kind when you don’t want to be.  Which one makes a bigger difference to the most people?

--- The people closest to us deserve the best from us and not left overs.

--- Assuming rarely ends well.  Confusion isn’t good.  Chaos is even worse.

--- Those people who come to every race and look you up to just say hello are very special people.  It was good to see Susan, Chip, Edward and his wife, Joe, the guys from South Carolina, and others.

--- Making eye contact makes a difference.

--- Some people show up a lot and do what they do behind the scenes.  Those people are very important.  They deserve a thank you, a hug and more.  Maybe this is the cleaning lady or the policeman or guy behind the counter at the restaurant.  Say “thank you” and mean it.

That is enough for today.  Maybe you see a strand of something in these points of my mind dump.  I believe we need to let the people around us know they are valuable!

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