Friday, June 17, 2016

happy father's day, dad!

A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother.

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day, and I want to draw attention to one incredible human being.  That would be my dad, Richard Harrison.  There are many things I can say about him, but what always draws me back to reality is the fact that he is always.

God says he will always be there for us.  He says that He will guide and protect us.  As our Spiritual Father He is more than many of us can imagine.  Now, I am not going to say that my dad is perfect, but what I will say is that the gift God gave me in a Father has been and continues to be an excellent example of what a father and a dad is supposed to be.

First he was my dad.  I have many memories of my childhood and from just a few weeks ago where this man made me feel important, and the connection between stays strong.  He works at that, and what a blessing this journey continues to be.

Second he is a trusted advisor.  I wish I could say that I have always taken his advise, but that is not true.  What is very true is that I have come to understand that the wisdom from my father is another of the priceless gifts God has given my brothers and me.  He knows a lot of stuff.  He isn’t just smart.  He is able to teach me when I stop and listen.  I need to listen and learn more.

Third and definitely not last, except for this post, he is my friend.  I struggle with the role of father mixed with friend when I deal with my own kids, but it can happen.  It took very little thought to choose my dad as the best man at my wedding 23 years ago.  He just is that.  He has been by my side more times than any of us can count whether we lived in Georgia, Mississippi or Virginia.  He is the one I call on just to hear his voice because I love and admire him so much.

So, happy father’s day, dad.  Over the 9 months I have learned to pray for you more.  Thank you for the years of life and experience.  Thank you for loving and caring for mom.  Thank you for grabbing life by the horns and enjoying life after she left us.  Richard Seth Harrison (sometimes known as RS, other times alluded to himself at Rattle Snake), dad, you are God’s man in my life and for my brothers. 

I love you and sure wish I could tell you all this in person.  Enjoy this weekend.  I know if will have several bright spots that I trust will be great surprises!

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