Monday, July 18, 2016

need hope during crisis

Joel 2:13  NASB
And rend your heart and not your garments.” Now return to the Lord your God, For He is gracious and compassionate, Slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness And relenting of evil.

Another day when the news comes of lives lost and heart wrenching for the entire nation.  Police Officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were killed yesterday.  Whether this is a war or a gang fight, it is just wrong.  We all have the same need.  We need hope.

In a time of pain and heartache it is hope that will become the rope that holds us, the reminder that helps us open our eyes to see and open our hearts to accept what matters.  How do you hold on to hope?  That is a tough question.  Might be better to ask how does hope hold on to you?

There are several different kinds of hope, but only one of them will last.

Psalm 106:36  NASB
And served their idols, Which became a snare to them.

Isaiah 2:8  NASB
Their land has also been filled with idols; They worship the work of their hands, That which their fingers have made.

Those verses remind me that some false hope is something we work up on our own.  That will fail us every time.  It also said that idols can be a snare or a trap.  Whatever we trust in has to take us further than we can go on our own.

Put your faith in God and in nothing else.  Let God guide your path.  Let Him fill your heart with truth and passion.  Let His wisdom roll from your voice and run through your mind.

By allowing those things we will not allow the pain of current events or personal events trap us or run us over.  Have real faith in our real God who really wants to have compassion on each of us, His kids.

Psalms 20:7  NIV
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Encouragement is the missing ingredient. It is the fuel on which hope runs. Zig Ziglar

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