Thursday, July 7, 2016

remembering momma

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Early this week I was with some friends who were donating items from their mother’s home as she passed away a few months ago.  This same mother, a precious lady with a smile that lit up a room, had blessed us with furniture just a few months before she left us.  She loved to give.  Her daughter is much the same.

As we removed the last items from her home it was evidently a very emotional time for this family.  This sweet friend was on tears, and my heart broke.  I was able to pray with them before we left.  But you know this left me thinking about my own mom.

Many situations leave me thinking about my mom.

Last night I was eating dinner alone since my family is spending time in Georgia with my in-laws as they do each summer.  I had a craving but not much time.  While eating I looked down at my plate, my mom came to mind.  It wasn’t because of a conversation or a song on the radio.  I remembered mom because of mashed potatoes.  Yes, I said mashed potatoes.

My mom loved mashed potatoes.  Eating a meal with my parents and my family was a very special occasion.  Several things were mom’s favorite foods, and one of them was mashed potatoes.

It is okay to think of mom.  It is fine to be sad.  It is not okay to sit and sulk doing nothing to move on.  We have all lost loved ones or friends.  The memories seem to stream back our direction making us sad, yet some of those that make us cry really are some of the times when we remember some of the greatest memories we had with that person we remember.

Last week my brother Ric wrote about missing mom at the dentist.  Those special times often come back to us when least expect them.  My brother helped bring back even more, and I am grateful even when there are tears.

How do we deal with these feelings?  If a friend is struggling, we can be compassionate.  If a relative breaks down, we can hold them.  If we are at a tough place an struggling, we can lean in to God.  He knows our pain.  He cares.  We also need to care for the people around us that are going through difficult times.

Don’t avoid those who are hurting.  Don’t force those feelings to stay away.  Breathe in.  Stop and think.  Pray much.  Tell a friend.  Pray.  God has blessed us with more than stuff.  He has blessed us with people, and the things that we cherish the most is people and the memories that we have with them.

It is good to remember momma.  This happens a lot.

Proverbs 31:28-29  NASB
Her children rise up and bless her; Her husband also, and he praises her, saying: “Many daughters have done nobly, But you excel them all.”

Next Thursday would have been my parent’s 56th wedding anniversary.  I am blessed to have a great dad and mom.   Dad is doing well, and I am so glad he enjoying life.

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