Friday, August 12, 2016

happy birthday, Ryan!

3 John 1:4  NASB
I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.

This is a special day.  13 years ago our youngest child and only son was born.  Ryan Michael Harrison continues to be a blessing and a gift from God.

Honestly after having two daughters we weren’t sure we were going to have a son, but God knew what we desired and gave us Ryan.  He made our family a lot like the family I grew up in.  I mean I am the youngest, and my two brothers are a good bit older than me.

I have said for years that the youngest child is the most special one.  Maybe I have stretched that one because of the order in which I was born, but this son of mine makes our lives richer and bigger.

Wishing Ryan a happy birthday is something I ask you to help with.  If you know him, seek Ryan out today and this weekend.  Maybe bring him a card to church or do something that reminds him that he really is special.  Thanks ahead of time for your help.

You see, our family makes much of our children’s 13th year of life.  Maybe it is a right of passage or a special mark they reach.  It is a spiritual time as well as one that we are often reminded of that sets him up to know his God-given purpose and to live with what we hold on to as success.

We have prayed that our children would love God.  We pray that they will search for God and do all they can to hold tight and share their faith, and this year in Ryan’s life is a little different from his sisters.  When they turned 13, we were all in the house.  It will be different for Ryan.  His oldest sister, Rebecca, has been living most of the time the last year at Ferrum College about 30 miles from our home.  Now, it is time for Ruth, our middle child, to head off the College of William and Mary that is about 4 hours from our home.  Ryan will be somewhat of an only child.  Not sure I am ready for this.

But what I am ready for is to make much of Ryan’s 13th year of life.  We will read some books and articles together.  We will learn and stretch our faith together.  Ryan will plan a special trip just for him and one of his parents because we are going to celebrate this son of mine.

Will you pray for Ryan with us?  We don’t believe that this year is different from others, and we believe it is time to help him take a few more steps forward to enjoy life, live with gusto and to embrace what God has made him for.

I am proud of our birthday boy.  Ryan is an incredible gift from God that we celebrate today!

My son, observe the commandment of your father And do not forsake the teaching of your mother;

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