Monday, August 8, 2016

wrapping up #back2school 2016

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

We have come to the end of back2school 2016, and I want to give honor to those who have made a huge difference in being part of this year’s event.  I continue to be in awe of how things came together and all that God did.

First, I remind myself and each of you that the reason for back2school is to honor God and help students and their families meet our great and might God.  Thank you, God, for opening the doors, for providing the resources, for giving the wisdom and so much more.  All glory to our God!

Second, at The Community Fellowship there are many people that made this year’s event incredible.  I cannot name all the 200 of so volunteer team members, but every one played an important part.  Thank you Adrienne Hubbard for leading.  Thank you Jeannie Hopkins for working, serving and getting it done.  Thank you Michael Allen, Bonny Burnett, Cathy Rice, Jenn Rice, Joan Norman, Helen Joyce, Brandon Perez, Cindy Adams, Gloria Haynes, Adam Touchstone, Sean Hubbard, Betsy Hodges, Cindy Cox and others for working the last month with eyes to the goal and doing all it took.

Third, it really is incredible to look at all the churches that took part in making this year incredible.  So let me just name a few that went the distance: Rich Acres Christian (Pastor Tim Hunt), Vision Assembly (Pastor Marla Moore), Fairway (Pastor Kirk and Emily Montgomery), Mercy Church in Stuart (Pastor Johnny Brown), First Presbyterian in Martinsville (Pastor Mark and Tracy Hinchcliff and Jerry DeVault), Mercy Crossing (Pastor Jackie Poe and the incredible Dawn Toole), The Remnant in Danville, Broad Street Christian (Pastor Mark Parkinson), Calvary Christian (Pastor Mike Carrow), First Baptist Martinsville (Pastor John Fulcher), Starling Ave (Pastors Brian and Ashley Harrington), McCabe Memorial, Fort Trial Baptist, and more.  Notice this list contains all kinds of churches and from all different areas.  Together we give God all the glory.

Fourth and finally, I want to thank the 1,600 students and their families that we have been able to serve this year.  There were 141 students served on special needs day.  On Saturday over 1,300 students were served.  About 200 students in some low income housing areas were serve.  But there are more who are getting backpacks or supplies or shoes and more.  I honestly believe that the numbers of served will go way beyond these numbers, yet I ask each of us to make much of the reason we do this and not of the numbers.  It really is all about God.

Thank you to all who have made this year’s back2school incredible.  There are many stories to be shared.  I am still hearing them and excited about all that is ahead!

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