Tuesday, September 27, 2016

some questions you may (or may not) ask about me

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.

That is just one verse that is on my mind.  When I look at the calendar, I am amazed that we are almost 3/4 done with this year.  When I walked outside yesterday, I was struck with the fact that fall is on the way.  When I listen to some friends and even watched TV last night, I am reminded that we live in a broken and hurting world.

You see much of that as I do.  Honestly, my heart is heavy for several reasons, and one other thing that is true is that life must go on.  That is why I put up the stop sign.

Today’s e-devotion post is simply a look in to my world.  Answering a few questions is what I intend to do, and maybe, just maybe someone might ask these or one of them.  No matter, here are some things on my mind this week.

Who do I find myself praying for the most?

My wife and our kids.  For homeless friends.  And much more.

What Scripture have I spent the most time in lately?

Proverbs.  One chapter per day and then looking back.

What other book am I reading present since I read so few books?

Mark Batterson’s new book, Chase the Lion

What are some of my favorite songs lately?

Almost anything Hillsong.  Tomlin’s Good, Good Father.  I am still realizing that Carrie Underwood was in concert in Roanoke last night, and her song Before He Cheats still is one of my all time favorites.

What preachers am I listening to most?

Judah Smith.  Robert Morris.  Rick Warren.  Craig Groeschel.

What has made me cry most recently?

For sadness, human hurt and hurting people.  For gladness, my children and their growing up.

What is something that I love and want to talk about?

Jesus.  I love Jesus.  I also love the church I get to serve and the people I get to church with.  The Community Fellowship is an incredible church family.

What is something I am passionate about and might talk about a lot?

Poverty stinks.  It is my heart cry to help people who are hungry, hurting or homeless.  We can make a difference and share Jesus.  We must do this.  I must.

Last, what is something God continues to teach me lately?

Listen more and speak less.  Listen with my ears, with my eyes, with my heart.  Don’t listen to respond but listen in order to love, to show love.

Okay.  You might not have asked any of those questions, but I hope you got a piece of my heart through the questions I answered.

May this day be another opportunity to share hope and to demonstrate God’s love to all those who we come in contact with today. 

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