Friday, November 18, 2016

OUR Plan for CHRISTMAS blessing

Hello Community family and friends

I trust you are well.  It is exciting to know that the roof on our office building is nearing completion, and I want to thank all those who gave to make this happen.  Keep on giving through our regular offering and the vision fund.

We kick off our Christmas mission offering as well.  This is the time, through December 31, that gifts are given to share Jesus with the world as Acts 1:8 says.  Some stays here at home, and this offering stretches to the ends of the earth.  Give as you can.  We will announce our goal soon.

This Sunday we have special guests joining.  The Silent Servants led by Teri Shumate will share their incredible ministry of music and drama with us.  I will be preaching the 3rd message of our 10th birthday celebration too.  Join in Sunday at 10:10am, and bring someone with you that doesn't normally attend church.

Two projects on in the works for the Christmas season.  Your help is needed with both...

First, we will be serving foster children in our community who do not receive gifts in other ways.  At church this Sunday please pick up the cards with the information and return your gifts around December 12.  We also have an Angel Tree from Salvation Army at church.  Please help these children experience the joy of Christmas.

Second, we will be blessed Collinsville Primary and John Redd Smith Elementary School by adopting their workers to send Christmas cards and deliver a meal.  Sign up this Sunday to be a blessing to these special school workers.

May God use each of us to demonstrate the love of God to our community and beyond today and this Christmas season.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

With GOD as my guide,

Pastor Michael Harrison
-- James 1:5

*** for more information about The Community Fellowship or Dream Center call the church at 276-647-8231 or email Pastor Michael at and please consider giving online at ***

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