Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday Night

What a weekend! I am just now coming down from the high that began with 20 of our people traveling to Anderson, South Carolina to attend Unleash 09 at NewSpring.  God has shown up and even shown off in some amazing ways.  Let me give you just a few of my take aways.
  • It was incredible to be with 20 of our people at this conference and to gain loads of inspiration and encouragement from Perry Noble and his team.  Click HERE and HERE for my notes from the two main sessions and HERE for the big picture.
  • And yes.  I allowed my sweet iPhone with a wrong address in the GPS to get lost in worst area of Anderson at midnight.  I own that.  Even the police told us that at that time of night we shouldn't be in that area.  It was confirmed by others that we were in the worst part of town.
  • I attended breakout sessions at Unleash led by Perry Noble and Shane Duffy.  Great stuff I learned and seeking to apply.  Our folks learned about kids and youth ministry, volunteers and financial counseling and much more.  It was awesome and still is to listen to what our folks took away from the conference.
  • This weekend I was blessed to spend extra time with some of Julie's family.  Her mom, sister in law and niece kept our kids while we were gone and then hung around with us until Sunday.  I enjoyed the extra time together.  Our kids had a great time with them.  Looking at that, I see how blessed we are with two loving and supportive sets of parents.
  • Saturday was our training session for volunteers who will help with guest services through Raceway Ministries at the Martinsville Speedway for NASCAR weekend the end of this month.  We have some awesome people giving lots of time to serve.
  • Our 2nd Saturday clothes closet was successful with over 30 families served even though the weather was horrible, wet and cold.
  • Saturday night was our little boy's concluding program for Upward Basketball.  It has been a treat to watch Ryan learn and play ball.  He is a bit like his dad...not real gifted athleticly.  He has said he wants to be a preacher.  That wouldn't be so bad.  I am so proud of my boy.
  • On the way home our middle child asked us to move to Anderson, South Carolina so that we could attend NewSpring Church all the time.  That would be cool.  Love her heart.
  • Our oldest daughter is growing up way too fast.  I've noticed the last few days that she really enjoys spending more time with her mom and dad.  That is cool.  Sometimes irritating.  But I love the fact that she connects to us.  I pray that doesn't change.
  • Sunday morning at The Community was huge.  Our Warrior series continued talking about what distracts us.  May have been one of the most difficult sermons I've ever preached as I confessed some of the things that keep my mind and eyes and heart away from God.  It really touched my heart and allowed us all to see lives changing as many of our men came forward at the end of the worship expereince making a commitment to set those distractions aside.
  • Sunday was our 3rd time to be part of Metro Ministries in Roanoke in their Sunday afternoon homeless ministry meal.  We took 54 of our people with us.  Yes, 54 people.  That means that almost 90 of our people have been a part of this ministry.  We average 170 in worship at this time.  That means that 50% of our people are involved in ministry to homeless and needy people. YES and praise God.
  • I've been praying and asking our people to pray much about ministry at the Mission Center here in our community.  It is a ministry that helps over 100 families with food each month and helps men that are in recovery and seeking God to get their lives in order.  Will you pray with us and for the Mission Center?
  • So, Monday and Tuesday have been so good.  Our TV show used a virtual set for the first time Monday (I love it and will continue).  Today I spend a great deal of time seeking God for continued ministry here in our community with those in desperate need, those that are homeless or on the edge of homelessness.  I'm also getting ready for the 2nd week of our small group's FireProof Bible study.  This is all good stuff.
  • I work with an awesome group of leaders.  Had several conversations along with a meeting today that are going to help us move to the next level.
  • Had an excellent time this evening with some local pastors and their wives.  I love the people that I get to connect with.
I have to stop there.  Time to go to bed.  Really enjoying my workout at the gym 3 times a week, and that begins at 7 am.  Taking a friend with me in the morning that ought to be fun.  More later.  Thanks for taking a little look at life from my perspective.  Hope I didn't bore you.  Here is one last thought (It is St. Patrick's Day):
"I am a servant of Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Jesus Christ our Lord." – St. Patrick

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steve said...

some good stuff here...thanks for the words about your!...appears the Community is in the middle of it now and on the verge of much more...praying for you, your family, and your church...

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